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Provide institutional grade access to the incipient blockchain technology by using algorithmic models and fundamental analysis.


We are a digital assets firm that firmly believes in the transformative power of blockchain technology to revolutionize data ownership, echoing the societal shifts witnessed with the advent of the internet three decades ago. However, unlike the prevailing economic model of the internet dominated by large tech corporations, blockchain presents native token holders with the opportunity to fully capture the value of the network, elevating cryptocurrencies to the status of a viable asset class with significant potential rewards.


A solid and highly qualified team with a long professional career of more than 50 years of combined experience in the areas of investment banking, capital markets and financial advisory, as well as in the management and analysis of digital assets. A team committed to the values of excellence and professionalism. And with a deep and differential knowledge of blockchain technology.

María Guinda

CIO | Partner

María brings over 8 years of differential experience in professional.

Ariel Navarro

CEO | Partner

Ariel has a career spanning over two decades in strategy, investment banking, and transactional banking.

Javier Colás

Executive Chairman

With over 25 years of experience in Investment Banking, Capital Markets, and Financial Advisory.

José García

Head of Research

José García brings extensive experience in strategic consulting and project management.


At the core of this technology are digital assets, offering a unique opportunity to participate in the growth of the industry. However, investing directly in these assets, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, comes with many risks and complexities.

At Whale Capital, we have designed a unique model that fuses comprehensive quantitative analysis for effective diversification and risk control, with sound fundamental evaluation of promising projects.

Thought Leadership

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Crypto June, a rollercoaster ride In recent weeks, the crypto industry has witnessed a series of shocking events that have shaken the markets and sparked a major debate about digital assets’ regulation. Amid this turmoil, large financial companies have raised the crypto...

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